Bank of San Juans

6,700 sf | 3 Drive-Thru Lanes | 9 Offices

This is not your grandfather’s bank! Banks of the past were dark, traditional and foreboding. This latest branch of Bank of San Juans is the exact opposite… bright, modern and lively.

The challenge was working within a 1970’s concrete core structure, which tends to be more dark and cold. Through the addition of a tower entry made mostly of glass, the new office is filled with more light and projects a user-friendly environment. The project scope included, but was not limited to, a building facelift, addition of a multi-car drive-thru teller, new windows, new elevator and lobby.

The branch office is perfectly located next to the busy I-25 corridor. With its bright new presence, the bank is quickly becoming one of Colorado Springs’ most talked about businesses.