Florida Contemporary

6,000 sf | 4 bedroom | 5.5 bath

Contemporary homes are rising in popularity. In Florida, the cool colors and materials used in the typical contemporary structure provide much needed relief from the hot and humid days.

The client’s request was for a contemporary, open home that would take full advantage of the waterfront views. The answer was a simply massed, modern home fully glazed on the seaside exposure using a light, open layout, cool modern finishes and a seamless transition of interior and exterior living spaces.

The open layout allows air to move freely throughout the home, avoiding stifling closed-room spaces. Indoor-Outdoor transitions can be found on both the main and upper floors using both bi-folding glass doors and French doors. Bi-folding glass doors create beautiful indoor-outdoor living spaces, but the doors can be pricey. To stay on budget, French doors were used in the more private rooms of the house. French doors allow for a large opening at a much lower price point.

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