Pine Creek Dental

6,000 sf | 14 operatories

This project takes advantage of a unique piece of property. It is quite visible from adjacent roadways and it has striking, expansive views of Pikes Peak and the entire Front Range. The property, however, was quite long and narrow, so it called for a custom layout.

The client definitely wanted to capitalize on the natural backdrop, so the natural solution was to elongate the structure to capture the westerly views from as many operatories as possible. The resulting structure is both unique and eye catching. The overall form needed hierarchy and definition which allowed the design team to highlight both ends of the structure with an entry tower and a staff tower. The environment is one of brilliant natural light, while using relaxing, natural tones for the interior finishes. The central corridor is accentuated by the indirect lighting of the ceiling treatment, while the multiple operatories tend to create a natural rhythm to the layout.

The office provides a special atmosphere for patients and staff alike, and the staff area even has an exterior patio to fully take in the wonderful Colorado surroundings. The ultimate goal of melding the exterior and interior environments was certainly achieved working with Dr. Thompson and his team.

Contractor: Hill Commercial